City Hall, Council Chamber  
100 Santa Rosa Avenue  
Santa Rosa, CA 95404  
City of Santa Rosa  
City Council  
Regular Meeting Minutes - Final  
Wednesday, May 10, 2023  
9:00 AM  
Mayor N. Rogers called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.  
Council Member Alvarez joined the meeting at 9:55 a.m.  
7 -  
Mayor Natalie Rogers, Vice Mayor Dianna MacDonald, Council  
Member Eddie Alvarez, Council Member Victoria Fleming, Council  
Member Jeff Okrepkie, Council Member Chris Rogers, and Council  
Member Mark Stapp  
In this Study Session, staff will present City Council with an overview of  
the funding requests for FY 2023-24, as well as perspectives as to  
overall funding considerations. The Study Session is held in advance  
of the Budget Hearings in June to provide the opportunity for City  
Council to ask questions, provide direction, and gain a full  
understanding of the budget and resulting financial implications for the  
City ahead of formal budget adoption in June.  
Information and department budgets will be presented in the following  
Day 1 - May 9, 2023  
City-wide overview and General Fund segment  
Administrative Departments:  
· City Council  
· City Manager  
· City Attorney  
· Communications & Intergovernmental Relations  
· Human Resources and Risk  
· Finance Department  
· Non-Departmental  
· Information Technology  
· Housing & Community Services  
Day 2 - May 10, 2023  
· Fire Department  
· Police Department  
· Planning & Economic Development  
· Parks & Recreation  
· Transportation & Public Works  
· Water Department  
· Capital Improvement Project  
Veronica Conner, Budget and Financial Analyst Manager, introduced  
the budget team and provided an overview of day two of the study  
Scott Westrope, Fire Chief, and Sarah Roberts, Administrative  
Analyst, presented and answered questions from Council regarding  
the Fire Department proposed FY 2023-24 budget.  
John Cregan, Chief of Police, and Pam Lorence, Administrative  
Service Officer, presented and answer questions from Council  
regarding the Police Department proposed budget.  
Clare Hartman, Director of Planning and Economic Development,  
Kate Goldfine, Administrative Service Officer, and Raissa De La  
Rosa, Deputy Director of Economic Development, presented and  
answered questions from Council regarding the Planning and  
Economic Development proposed budget.  
Mayor N. Rogers recessed the meeting at 10:55 a.m. and  
reconvened at 11:11 a.m. with all Council Members present.  
Jason Nutt, Assistant City Manager, Jen Santos, Deputy Director of  
Parks, Jeff Tibbetts, Deputy Director of Recreation, Jason Parrish,  
Administrative Service Officer, and Alan Alton, Chief Financial  
Officer, presented and answered questions from Council regarding  
the Parks and Recreation proposed budget.  
Jason Nutt, Assistant City Manager, and Rachel Ede, Deputy  
Director of Transit, presented and answered questions of Council  
regarding the Transportation and Public Works proposed budget.  
Mayor N. Rogers recessed the meeting at 1:20 p.m. and  
reconvened at 1:50 p.m. All Council Members were present with the  
exception of Council Member Fleming who joined the meeting at  
2:01 p.m.  
Jennifer Burke, Director of Water, and Nick Harvey, Budget and  
Financial Analysis Manager, presented and answered questions  
from Council regarding the Water Department proposed budget.  
Jason Nutt, Assistant City Manager, presented and answered  
questions of Council regarding the Capital Improvement Project  
proposed budget.  
Veronica Conner, Budget and Financial Analyst Manager, and Alan  
Alton, Chief Financial Officer, thanked all departments and  
concluded the presentations, and requested any changes to the  
proposed budgets from Council.  
Maraskeshia Smith, City Manager, and Dominique Blanquie, Interim  
Human Resources Director, answered questions from Council  
regarding the proposed contract for the labor contract negotiator.  
Ken MacNab, KMac Advising, representing property owners in the  
2010 area, thanked the Council, City Manager and staff for diligence  
in ensuring the responsible and productive expenditure of public  
funds and spoke in support of budgeting for resources needed to  
carry out the South Santa Rosa Specific Plan.  
Chris Guenther, co-leader of Bikeable Santa Rosa, spoke in support  
of investment in multimodal transportation, planning and  
infrastructure, the need for reductions in motor vehicle trips resulting  
in reductions of traffic congestion and emissions, and reminded the  
Council that Bikeable Santa Rosa and the City have been working  
with City Thread to accelerate investment in the bicycle network.  
Bob Gaiser, co-chair of the Southeast Greenway Campaign  
Committee, spoke in support of city staff needed for acquisition and  
planning of Southeast Greenway and in support of the Parks and  
Recreation budget proposal.  
Tom Robertson, CEO of SCI Office, LLC, spoke on the need for  
safety in downtown Santa Rosa, multiple car break-ins and security  
issues in garage three, requesting two new police officers in the  
downtown area.  
Duane DeWitt, member of the Sonoma County Housing Advocacy  
Group, spoke on the budget deficit, past cuts made due to budget  
issues, the need for replacement of 30 picnic tables and benches  
as discussed at a recent Board of Community Services meeting,  
offloading of city properties for revenue, and requesting a time  
certain for public speaking.  
Joshua Shipper, Generation Housing, spoke on the importance of  
building more diverse housing and urged the Council to take action  
to reduce costs of building, encouraged Santa Rosa to join  
Petaluma in waiving most of the impact fees on affordable housing,  
and consider applying the fee structure that has been successfully  
used to encourage ADU development to affordable by design  
multi-family housing.  
Chris Eggers, by speaker card, commented on prioritzing funds for  
protected and connected bikeways, noting that paint is not  
Gregory Fearon spoke on ARPA and PGE one-time fund  
allocations, suggested a meeting to update the community on the  
funds and projects and how they are impacting residents, and  
requested all monies be utilized.  
Rigel Bowen, a member of the North Bay Organizing Project Police  
Accountability Task Force, spoke in opposition to adding money to  
the police department budget from the general fund and suggested  
the general fund dollars should be used for departments such as  
Housing and Community Services, Planning and Economics, Parks  
and Recreation and Transportation and Public Works, and  
expressed disappointment in the Council for spending more time on  
the police budget than housing and in discussing student resource  
Kelsey Vero, a member of the North Bay Organizing Project Police  
Accountability Task Force, spoke in opposition to adding money  
from the general fund to the police department budget, especially  
for the use of school resource officers, and suggested funding to  
allow for alternative solutions that are evidence based or based on  
restorative justice practices.  
Alyn Wolves, member of North Bay Organizing Project Police  
Accountability Task Force, spoke in opposition to the request for  
additional patrol officers and adding student resource officers in  
Elizabeth Ridlington spoke on bicycle and pedestrian safety, the  
Council's prior adopted Vision Zero by 2030, and the goal setting  
discussion of ensuring safe routes to schools and cross-walk safety,  
and requested funding in the budget to make city streets safer.  
Brandon Cho, on behalf of Efren Carrillo, CEO of Gallaher  
Community Housing, spoke on affordable housing and suggested  
following other jurisdictions in modifying development impact fees  
for affordable housing developments.  
Shaun Du Fosee spoke in favor of hiring in-house for labor relations  
rather than an hiring an outside consultant for labor negotiations, and  
in favor of planning and budgeting for the potential need for school  
resource officers.  
Cadance Hinkle Allinson with the Downtown District thanked city  
staff, spoke in support of hiring an assistant city attorney, in support  
of the comprehensive economic development plan and in continuing  
partnerships that will invest in downtown, and the importance of  
increasing services and resources as the population and needs of  
the downtown grows, specifically public safety measures and law  
enforcement, including possible expansion of the downtown  
enforcement team.  
Lee with the North Bay Organizing Project Police Accountability  
Task Force and Sonoma County Tenants Union spoke in favor of  
funding for community programs rather than increased police  
funding, requested increased funding for community programs that  
help the unhoused community and others that are suffering, and  
spoke in opposition to police in schools.  
Hugh Futrell of the Downtown Action Organization spoke in support  
of additional public safety investments, the budgeting for an  
assistant city attorney for code and misdemeanor enforcement,  
additional officers for the downtown enforcement team, and  
retaining park impact fees within the downtown core.  
Stevan Stankovich, Santa Rosa Plaza mall manager, spoke in favor  
of a safe and secure downtown area, additional downtown  
enforcement team officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department,  
and an extra city attorney for misdemeanor and property claims.  
Michael Lipelt spoke on investment in active transportation  
infrastructure to create safe, low-stress, protected bicycle lanes,  
rather than continuing to support vehicle infrastructure and  
refocusing on urban areas as vibrant places for people to walk,  
bicycle and use other forms of transportation.  
Mayor N. Rogers addressed and provided reasons for consideration  
of the student resource officer program in this budget cycle.  
Mayor N. Rogers adjourned the meeting at 3:27 p.m. The next  
regular meeting will be held in Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at a time to  
be set by the Mayor.  
Approved on: June 6, 2023  
/s/ Rhonda Bolla, Deputy City Clerk