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Body Name:
Type: Design Review Board/ Planning Commission
Meeting location: City Hall, Council Chamber, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA
Attachments: Design Review Board City Design Review Procedures, Design Review Board ORD No. 1658, Design Review Board ORD No. 2142, Design Review Board ORD No. 3307, Design Review Board ORD No. 3412, Design Review Board Res No. 1 ByLaws, Design Review Board Res No. 2, Design Review Board Res No. 3, Design Review Board Res No. 11, Design Review Board Res No. 82-116, Design Review Board SRCC 20-60.060

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The seven-member Design Review Board serves as custodian of the City's design policies. The Board reviews both public and private development proposals to ensure that Santa Rosa remains attractive and maintains a "sense of place" which the General Plan sets forth as "unique to Santa Rosa." The Design Review Board reviews design proposals in light of adopted design review policies set forth in the City's Design Review Guidelines. The Board reviews development proposals that have neighborhood compatibility issues and major developments that may have significance to the City's aesthetic character. The Design Review Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at City Hall, Council Chamber 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa. Please note that the start time of each meeting varies.