Updated!  PURSUANT TO GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54953(e) AND THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE HEALTH OFFICER OF THE COUNTY OF SONOMA, CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS WILL BE PARTICIPATING CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS EITHER VIA ZOOM WEBINAR OR IN-PERSON, SOCIALLY DISTANCED, IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER AT 100 SANTA ROSA AVENUE. Go to srcity.org/VirtualParticipation for more information on virtual meeting public participation. If you have any additional questions, please contact Stephanie Williams at cityclerk@srcity.org.
Other News: eComment is now active for City Council Meeting Agendas! Click here to view eComment instructions.

Attention Mac User for Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100: In order to view attachments on agendas, hold down the Control key and using your mouse track-pad select the attachment you would like to view. Then select the option to Open Link in New Tab.

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Aaron Schreiber Stainthorp    
Abigail Cunningham acunningham@srcity.org  
Adam Sharron    
Adriana Arrizon aarrizon@srcity.org  
Ali Soto    
Ana Diaz adiaz@srcity.org  
Andrea Rodriguez    
Andres Vigil    
Anne Baumgartner    
Annette Arnold    
Annie Barbour abarbour@srcity.org  
Arthur Deicke    
Beth Steffy    
Bonnie Boren    
Brad Calkins    
Brian Ling bling@srcity.org  
Brian Meuser    
Candice Richardson    
Cappie Garrett    
Carole Quandt    
Carolina Spence    
Charles Carter    
Cherie Barnett    
Chris Coursey ccoursey@srcity.org  
Chris Mazzia cmazzia@srcity.org  
Chris Rogers crogers@srcity.org  
Christine Byrne cbyrne@srcity.org  
Christine Dektor    
Christopher Grabill    
Craig Scott    
Damion Square    
Dan Condron dcondron@srcity.org  
Dan O'Rourke    
Daniel Galvin III    
Danny Martinez dmartinez@srcity.org  
David Cooper    
Delashay Carmona Benson    
Diane Test dtest@sonic.net  
Donna Renteria    
Doug McKenzie    
Drew Weigl    
Eddie Alvarez ealvarez@srcity.org  
Elias Hinit    
Elizabeth Ridlington    
Ellen Bailey    
Erica Mikesh    
Ernesto Olivares eolivares@srcity.org  
Evette Minor eminor@srcity.org  
Gary Wysocky gwysocky@srcity.org  
George Vega    
Glen Wright    
Guido Boccaleoni    
Henry Huang    
Henry Wix    
Jack Tibbetts hjtibbetts@srcity.org  
Jazmin Gudino jgudino2@srcity.org  
Jeff Nathanson    
Jeff Okrepkie    
Jeffrey Holton    
Jeffrey Owen    
Jen Klose jklose@srcity.org  
Jennifer Burke jburke@srcity.org  
Jocelyn Villalobos jvillalobsargueta@srcity.org  
John McHugh jmchugh@srcity.org  
John Sawyer jsawyer@srcity.org  
Jorge Inocencio    
Julian Peterson jpeterson@srcity.org  
Julie Combs jcombs@srcity.org  
Karen Weeks kweeks@srcity.org  
Ken Coker    
Kevin Sea    
Kim Badenfort    
Kristin Kiefer    
Laura Fennell    
Lee Pierce    
Leslie Graves    
Lisa Badenfort lbadenfort@srcity.org  
Lisa Joslen    
Lisa Puentes    
Logan Pitts lpitts@srcity.org  
Madonna Cruz    
Manny Baldenegro    
Manza Atkinson    
Marguerite Finn    
Maria Praetzellis    
Mark Neely    
Mark Stapp    
Mark Walsh    
Mary Grace Pawson    
Mary Watts    
Melanie Ahlers    
Melanie Jones-Carter    
Michael Burch    
Michael Cook    
Michelle Sepulveda    
Mike Thompson    
Natalie Rogers nrogers@srcity.org  
Nathan Azhderian    
Omar Lopez    
Patricia Thompson