Updated!  PURSUANT TO GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54953(e) AND THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE HEALTH OFFICER OF THE COUNTY OF SONOMA, CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS WILL BE PARTICIPATING CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS EITHER VIA ZOOM WEBINAR OR IN-PERSON, SOCIALLY DISTANCED, IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER AT 100 SANTA ROSA AVENUE. Go to srcity.org/VirtualParticipation for more information on virtual meeting public participation. If you have any additional questions, please contact Stephanie Williams at cityclerk@srcity.org.

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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 1/11/2022 4:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Hybrid Meeting - See Agenda for Participation Information
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available Spanish Agenda: Orden Del Día Orden Del Día  
Agenda packet: Not available
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22-0017 16.1COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATECC- Staff BriefingCOVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE This will be a standing item on the agenda. No action will be taken except for possible direction to staff.   Not available Video Video
22-0032 17.1December 2021 Litigation ReportCC- CMO/CAO ReportREPORT OF SETTLEMENTS AND ACTIVE LITIGATION The City Attorney will report on settlements over $50,000 through November 2021 as well as provide a summary of pending litigation against the City.   Not available Video Video
22-0024 110.1Oct. 26, 2021 Reg Mtg Draft MinutesCC- MinutesOctober 26, 2021 Regular Meeting.   Not available Not available
22-0045 110.2Nov. 9, 2021 Reg Mtg Draft MinutesCC- MinutesNovember 9, 2021, Regular Meeting.   Not available Not available
22-0044 110.3Nov 16, 2021 Spc Mtg Draft MinutesCC- MinutesNovember 16, 2021 Special Meeting.   Not available Not available
22-0035 111.1RATIFICATION OF FIRST AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT WITH SONOMA COUNTY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION FOR FUNDING OF OPERATIONS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AT THE SAMUEL L. JONES HALL HOMELESS SHELTERCC- Consent - MotionRESOLUTION - RATIFICATION OF FIRST AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT WITH SONOMA COUNTY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION FOR FUNDING OF OPERATIONS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AT THE SAMUEL L. JONES HALL HOMELESS SHELTER RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the City Manager’s Office that Council, by resolution, ratify the First Amendment to Agreement between the Sonoma County Community Development Commission and City of Santa Rosa Sam Jones Hall and Sam Jones Hall Annex for funding from the Commission to reimburse the City for operations over July 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, during the COVID-19 pandemic in a total amount of $521,881.   Not available Not available
22-0030 111.2Fifth Amendment to Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce PSACC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - FIFTH AMENDMENT TO PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT F001128 WITH THE SANTA ROSA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Planning and Economic Development Department that the Council, by resolution, approve a Fifth Amendment to Professional Services Agreement Number F001128 with the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce increasing the not-to-exceed amount by $28,440 for a total not-to-exceed amount of $298,640 for downtown services to be provided through the end of 2022.   Not available Not available
22-0023 111.3Tobacco DOJ GrantCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - ACCEPTANCE AND APPROPRIATION OF GRANT FUNDS FROM THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE TOBACCO GRANT PROGRAM RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Police Department that the Council, by resolution: 1) accept a grant award from the California Department of Justice Tobacco Grant Program in the amount of $99,970; 2) authorize the Chief of Police, or his/her designee, to execute a Memorandum of Understanding and all related award documents and any amendments thereto required for receiving such funds pursuant to the terms and conditions of the California Department of Justice; and (3) appropriate $99,970 of grant funds to a project key to be established by the Chief Financial Officer.   Not available Not available
22-0034 111.4APPROVAL OF PSA COOPERATIVE PERSONNEL SERVICES DBA CPS HR CONSULTINGCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - WAIVER OF COMPETITIVE BID, APPROPRIATE FUNDS, AND APPROVAL OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH COOPERATIVE PERSONNEL SERVICES DBA CPS HR CONSULTING RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Human Resources Department that the Council, by resolution: 1) waive competitive bidding pursuant to Section 3-08.100(D) of the Santa Rosa City Code and Council Policy 600-001; 2) appropriate $105,360 from unassigned general fund balance; and 3) approve a Professional Services Agreement with Cooperative Personnel Services dba CPS HR Consulting in the amount of $105,360 to provide professional Human Resources services to temporarily support the department with current vacancies and COVID-19 testing.   Not available Not available
22-0002 111.5Approval and Issuance of a Purchase Order to Nixon-Elgi Equipment CompanyCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - APPROVAL OF A PURCHASE ORDER TO NIXON-ELGI EQUIPMENT COMPANY FOR THE PURCHASE OF ONE LEEBOY 8500D ASPHALT PAVING MACHINE UNDER SOURCEWELL COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT NUMBER 052417-VTL RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Transportation and Public Works and Finance Departments that the Council, by resolution, approve a purchase order with Nixon-Egli Equipment Company, Tracy, CA, for the purchase of one Leeboy 8500D Asphalt Paving Machine to replace existing equipment used in the Transportation and Public Works Street Surface Repair Division through Sourcewell Cooperative Agreement Number 052417-VTL for a total amount not to exceed $179,804.44.   Not available Not available
22-0038 111.6PSA with Carlile Macy Inc., for South Davis Neighborhood ParkCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - APPROVAL OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH CARLILE MACY, INC. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Transportation and Public Works Department that the Council, by resolution, approve a Professional Services Agreement, between the City of Santa Rosa and Carlile Macy, Inc., of Santa Rosa, CA, in an amount not to exceed $204,822 to provide landscape architectural design and engineering services, drafting an amendment to the South Davis Master Plan, preparation of construction drawings and administration for South Davis Neighborhood Park.   Not available Not available
22-0043 111.8BVSC Property Exempt Surplus DeclarationCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - REQUEST THAT THE CITY COUNCIL DECLARE PURSUANT TO GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54221 THAT CERTAIN REAL PROPERTY OWNED BY THE CITY AND LOCATED AT 702 AND 716 BENNETT VALLEY ROAD AND 921 AND 927 RUTLEDGE AVENUE (APN 038-151-004, 038-151-011, 009-333-009, 009-333-014) IS EXEMPT SURPLUS LAND THAT WILL BE TRANSFERRED AS AFFORDABLE HOUSING PURSUANT TO GOVERNMENT CODE 37364 RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by Real Estate Services, Transportation and Public Works and Housing Departments that the Council, by resolution, declare pursuant to Government Code Section 54221 that real property located at 702 & 716 Bennett Valley Road and 921 and 927 Rutledge Avenue (APN 038-151-004, 038-151-011, 009-333-009, 009-333-014) is “exempt surplus land” under the Surplus Lands Act, and directing that the resolution be submitted to the State Department of Housing and Community Development in accordance with Section 400(e) of the HCD Surplus Lands Act Guidelines.   Not available Not available
21-1101 111.9Renewal of Resolution to Continue Teleconferenced Meetings AB361CC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - MAKING REQUIRED MONTHLY FINDINGS AND AUTHORIZING THE CONTINUED USE OF TELECONFERENCING FOR PUBLIC MEETINGS OF THE CITY COUNCIL AND ALL THE CITY’S BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES, PURSUANT TO ASSEMBLY BILL 361 RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the City Attorney that the Council, by resolution, make required monthly findings and authorize the continued use of teleconferencing for public meetings of the City Council and all of the City’s boards, commissions and committees pursuant to Assembly Bill 361.   Not available Not available
22-0020 111.10Ordinance 2nd Read - 38 DegreesCC- Consent - OrdinanceORDINANCE ADOPTION - ORDINANCE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ROSA REZONING THE PROPERTY LOCATED AT 2660 PETALUMA HILL ROAD, ALSO IDENTIFIED AS ASSESSOR’S PARCEL NUMBERS 044-370-002, 044-370-010, 044-051-073, AND 044-051-055, FROM THE CSC (COMMUNITY SHOPPING CENTER) AND PD 96-001C TO THE R-3-30 (MULTIFAMILY RESIDENTIAL) ZONING DISTRICT - FILE NUMBER PRJ21-011 (REZ21-002) RECOMMENDATION: This ordinance, introduced at the December 14, 2021, Regular Meeting by a 7-0-0 vote, amends mends Title 20 of the Santa Rosa Code by amending the “Zoning Map of the City of Santa Rosa,” as described in Section 20-20.020, so as to change the classification of Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 044-370-002, 044-370-010, 044-051-073, and 044-051-055 to the R-3-30 (Multi-Family Residential) Zoning District.   Not available Not available
22-0039 111.7CityBus PGE TCE ApprovalCC- Consent - ResolutionRESOLUTION - APPROVAL OF GRANT OF TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION EASEMENT TO PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY ON A PORTION OF CITY OWNED PROPERTY LOCATED AT 55 STONY POINT ROAD, SANTA ROSA APN 010-320-019 FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF BATTERY ELECTRIC BUS CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Transportation and Public Works Department and Real Estate Services that Council, by resolution: 1) approve a Grant of Temporary Construction Easement to Pacific Gas and Electric Company on City owned property located at 55 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, APN 010-320-019 for the development of battery-electric bus charging infrastructure in connection with the CityBus Electrical Vehicle Fleet Electrification Project; and 2) authorize the Director of Transportation and Public Works Department to execute the Grant of Temporary Construction Easement and any additional and other documents necessary to grant the temporary easement and access rights.   Not available Not available
22-0040 113.12022 State Legislative PlatformCC- ReportREPORT - RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ROSA ADOPTING THE 2022 CITY OF SANTA ROSA STATE LEGISLATIVE PLATFORM BACKGROUND: The 2022 state legislative session is now underway. To be best positioned to respond to what is anticipated to be a very active session, City staff have identified state legislative priorities in a proposed 2022 state legislative platform for consideration by the City Council. Defined priorities, approved by the City Council, will help communicate the City’s state legislative and project priorities to the California State Delegation, Legislature, regional and state agencies. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the Communications & Intergovernmental Relations Office that the Council, by resolution, adopt the City’s 2022 State Legislative Platform.   Not available Video Video
22-0046 113.2Sale of 980 Hearn AvenueCC- ReportREPORT - MAKE FINDINGS PURSUANT TO CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT (“CEQA”) GUIDELINES, ADOPTION OF THE CEQA CHECKLIST, ADOPTION OF THE RELOCATION PLAN AND APPROVAL OF THE ACQUISITION OF 976 HEARN AVENUE, 980 HEARN AVENUE, AND 1004 HEARN AVENUE BACKGROUND: The City previously prepared and certified a programmatic-level Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) which fully analyzed the potential environmental impacts associated with the Roseland Area/Sebastopol Road and Roseland Area Annexation Projects Specific Plan, including certain roadway improvements and a variety of municipal and public uses, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). In 2016, the City certified the Program EIR and approved the Specific Plan. The City has now prepared a CEQA Checklist for the proposed acquisition of the following real properties (“Project”) located in Santa Rosa: (1) 976 Hearn Avenue, Santa Rosa, APN 043-191-018; (2) 980 Hearn Avenue, APN 043-191-019; and (3) 1004 Hearn Avenue, APN 043-191-020 (collectively the “Subject Properties”) for the planned future extension of D   Not available Video Video
21-1047 119.1Upcoming Meetings ListCC- Upcoming MeetingsUPCOMING MEETINGS LIST   Not available Not available